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Reading and writing is a skill that needs to be developed, harnessed and supported continuously. Different aspects of our work require different writing styles and for different audiences. At Dr Mzi we understand the challenges of writing and we are here to help simplify these. Whether you and/or your team need to learn how to write regular or specific project reports, blogs, OpEds, media releases, policy briefs, articles for scientific publications, and others. We offer the actual writing services, training for you and your team on writing and we facilitate your teams’ writing retreats.

To peruse some of our work, you may enjoy some pieces written for an Arts and Culture Movement against Gender-based Violence called #WinTheFight that seeks to raise awareness, stimulate advocacy efforts, and share knowledge and innovative ideas for fighting violence in the country. Follow these links for the articles: Blind spots by design: stepping up to fight gender-based structural violence; See Violence for what it is, regardless of who the victim is: Win The Fight against gender-based violence and femicide against Sex Workers; and We can Win The Fight.

For more information about how we can help you improve your writing skills, please contact us at info@drmzi.co.za