DrMzi ‘bridging the gap’ is a sole proprietor working with a highly efficient and vibrant team to provide Training, Facilitation, Research and Writing services. Whilst not limited to these, we specialize in the fields of gender and development, sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) including HIV prevention, gender-based violence and other related areas. We also offer training in citizen journalism, planning community work in times of Covid-19 pandemic and community advocacy leadership.

We offer report writing services as part of the training, facilitation and research services. If you have meeting records or data, we also collate, analyze and offer comprehensive insights and recommendations based on your meeting records or data. Our aim is to provide valuable and actionable information that enables evidence-based decision-making and drives positive outcomes for your organization.. Our areas of work include Community Engagement, Social Facilitation, Advocacy and Programme Evaluation. We offer tailored training programs for small (±5) to medium sized (±40) audiences. We develop the training material in conjunction with the client/partner; and we take the lead in preparing training materials. Training materials may include the pre-post evaluation tools, the agenda, worksheets, presentations and manuals.

We have over ten years of Board experience in the NPO sector and we offer Board training to share this experience. We have extensive experience with workshop and meeting facilitation. Our facilitation style is engaging, aptly paced to meet the needs of participants with different backgrounds and at different levels of understanding of the subject matter. We have access to diverse facilitation skills and tools, and we mix these to suit our client/partner’s objectives for the intervention. As a team, we are multilingual in the following languages: English, Nguni (isiXhosa, isiZulu siSwati), Sesotho, Setswana and Afrikaans

Why Choose us
Our work is not outsourced; if we do not have the expertise, we will not take the task. We build long-lasting relationships with our partners so that we service your needs with an in-depth understanding of your strategy.

Our Partners
We have extensive experience of working with the civil society including the media sector. We work very closely with our partners to understand your project objectives and the broader organizational strategy for best training outcomes. Our partners range from small consultancy firms, NPOs and development partners, to the public and the private sector. We work across the country, in the African region and globally.  Our diverse and multi-skilled team consists of Mzi Nduna (lead consultant), two Associate consultants: Oyama Tshona and Lutukela Nduna and two project administrators: Phindile Mokoena and Noxolo Nomavayi. We are based in Johannesburg. We work with different communities in South Africa across the provinces and also in the SADAC region. We have continental and international partnerships.