With over 15 years of teaching, training and conducting research, research thics  is
DrMzi’s area of specialty in research. We deliver seminars on research training for
teams of researchers, funders, academic departments and post-graduate students. We offer interactive and participatory training on research ethics. Our research training goes beyond the research principles that are generic for ticking the ethics application boxes, we focused on how to make the right decisions when faced with ethical dilemmas.

Research CE 1
DATA COLLECTION: survey and in-depth

Research studies, routine program data collection, pre and post studies, social facilitation and community engagement requires collection, management, analysis and interpretation of data. These processes are linked and the start of a useful report is the quality of data collected. At DrMzi we recognize that not everybody has had an opportunity to study research formally, even some who have studied research my not have had the opportunity to learn the ‘how to’; and of course data collection needs to be tailored for each project. At DrMzi we have experience in working with teams for varied projects, and with data collectors who come from different backgrounds to train them on generic and tailored data collection methods for programmatic and research purposes. We train on quantitative and qualitative data collection methods and we will also train your managers and coordinators on how to train their teams (Train-the-Trainer) and how to supervise data collection. 

If you have developed and finalised your tools and you need help with data collection, please contact us by email at Please note that we are unable to assist post-graduate students with data collection.


Increasingly donors would want to know what the impact of their support to organisation was. Organisation are also tightening up their accountability measures to report to their partners, shareholders and the community at large on the progress of their work and the impact of closed projects. This can be done through internal monitoring of the implementing of your project against set objective and or through an external evaluation of the project. This culture that promotes efficiency and accountability necessitated that every member of your organisation needs to be familiar with what their job contributes to the bigger picture. At DrMzi, we will work with you and tailor a training on M&E that is centered on your organisations strategic goals, objectives and plans. For assistance with your external evaluations see ‘Research’.


There is nothing as disappointing and wasteful as under-analysed data. Qualitative data collection is a very costly exercise and once you have taken the trouble to mobilize your target community, got consent and conducted the interviews, surely you want to get the most out of the data. Properly analysed data will give your client and audience rich understandings of the phenomenon under study and also generate new information. at DrMzi, we offer training to your teams on how to analyse qualitative data.

Should you have collected and transcribed data and need to outsource your data analysis, please contact us directly by email at Please note that we are unable to assist with post-graduate students’ data analysis


Data transcription follows particular disciplinary conversions. Analysis and writing up of research findings is made easier with good quality transcribed data. At DrMzi we offer training sessions to teams of transcribers on how to transcribe and translate (if needs be) audio-recorded qualitative interview data. 

If you have collected data and need to outsource your data transcription, please contact us by email at Please note that we are unable to assist with post-graduate students with data transcriptions.